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                              Shenyang Hengsheng company in a solid foundation of existing products, according to the needs of the owners...

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                              Energy savings and release is Shenyang's Hang Seng company "fission" development model,enterprise...

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                              Shenyang's Hang Seng curtain wall with new material and new technology, with low carbon,environmental...

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                              My company to do the technical innovation of construction, improve the level of construction technology, standardize...

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                              About the company

                                 Shenyang Hensheng Co., Ltd delivers curtain wall design and construction, fit out and management services to owners and occupiers of real estateOB欧宝体育|欧宝体育在线平台、industrial project in China. Our offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin operate with the following licenses issued by the Chinese Government: Curtain wall, Interior decoration.Our reference project include View details>>


                              Shenyang Hang Seng Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
                              Shenyang Hensheng Co.,Ltd delivers curtain wall design and construction,fit out and management services to owners and occupiers of real estateOB欧宝体育|欧宝体育在线平台OB欧宝体育|欧宝体育在线平台、industrial project in China.
                              Shenyang Hensheng Co., Ltd